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Here are a few of the 250+ Testimonials we’ve received:

“Had 1 box, used a couple then my daughter used the rest and wanted more…got another couple of boxes and now my son, daughter and I used them all…next time I’m getting six boxes of TACKz!”
Thressa – Kelso, WA
“Initially I got a box to have in my “Junk Drawer.” In less than a couple of days I had used them all!”
Shane – Las Vegas

By Jennye K on April 20, 2015
Fantastic Pins!
These are the best! They are very easy to use and solved the problem of trying to hang something from a ceiling using a regular push pin. I would recommend these highly!

By Tracy White on April 10, 2015
Five Stars. This is a great product! Exactly what I was looking for and well made!

By Laura P on March 2, 2015
Second Order of CraZy TACKz
This is my second order of CraZy TACKz. I hung a bulletin board on the back of my close door I use your hooks to hang my necklaces, bracelets, pendants…. It’s important to have the hook, because as the door swings the jewelry swings, and the hooks keep everything in place. Now everything is organized and visible.

By Christy Dawn Allred on May 12, 2015
Extremely useful
These tacks are great! I am using them on a big corkboard to make an easily accessible storage space for my jewelry. I find my jewelry box to be inefficient, and prefer to have all of it out where I can see it when choosing what to wear. These work perfectly. The only problem was that I didn’t order enough, so I have placed a second order!

By NW Bargains on November 20, 2013
With so many different uses, Crazy Tackz are very versatile. I ran out of my first package and came back to purchase three more packs!

By Shell on June 14, 2015
I love these Crazy little hooks
I love these Crazy little hooks!
1) I used them to hang oven mitts on my kitchen wall.
2) I home school my kids and I poked these into the ceiling in our school room to hang Charlie Brown and Snoopy decorations.
3) I also put some up to hang the kids earbuds, they are no longer lost or tangled!
4) My son has one on his bulletin board to hang his flash drives on
5) My son loves maps, so I put crazy tackz in the wall, clipped a binder clip to a laminated map and hung it on the crazy tack hook. He can take his maps down, look at them, and easily rehang them.
I keep coming up with more ways to use these! Every time I buy a package I think it will last awhile but it never does!

By Michael October 9, 2014
Great little hooks that do a surprisingly good job. You won’t be disappointed.
These are great little handy hooks. Always can find a use for them. They are clear and fairly invisible once inserted into the wall. Drywall is no problem but does take a bit of a push. They hold well too. Keys, a small flashlight (in my case) or something you want not to forget as you exit your home.
I also use them for holding extension and other cords in place. And will use them for outside Christmas lights.
They do an excellent job, are easy to use and fairly inconspicuous. You can’t go wrong with these great utility hooks.

By Wendy on July 31, 2014
Very sturdy. And the bin they came in was nice. Now I won’t have to ziplock them.

By Amber Flynn on October 20, 2014
Handy! Endless uses! Clear plastic for a nice clean look!
Finally! A tack with a Hook!! I couldn’t have been more excited about this product.
At Christmas time, instead of putting up a tree, I put garland up, and around the edges of my ceiling and hang my ornaments on the garland. Usually I put a push pin into the wall, hang the garland onto that and then the ornaments onto the garland. Now, with this hand tack I can hang the garland seamlessly onto this tack and also hang the ornaments on them too. Its a labor intensive thing with the normal push pins because I have to wrap the garland around the push pins, but with these tacks I can solve two problems with one tack! Awesome!!
The tack is also a “see through” plastic so that once you push it into the wall, all you see hanging is the hook. Fantastic!!
There are twelve hooks to a box and at this price there is an endless amount of things I can do.
On my bulletin board I push a pin in, and hang my keys. On the wall in my crafts room, I put in a pin for ribbons and wire. In my music studio, I hang my headphones and other extra wires that I need for things. There is just and endless amount of uses for these hooks.
And for this price…. wow! So excited about this product!

By Christine Zibas “Anythng Art” on October 12, 2014
Hooked on These!
This is a simple product that functions well. It’s a push pin with a hook built into the thumb tack. Why would you need such a thing? For a crafter like myself, I use them to hold necklaces in progress, keeping chains from mixing or getting tangled. However, the uses for these inexpensive handy tacks are many.
Another key use, which I plan to implement come the Christmas holidays is using them to hold up Christmas lights around windows and doors. They are small (the size of normal push pins) and perfect for indescreetly tacking things up without the need for tape or to push into a wire, in the case of Christmas lights. Gone will be the nasty tape residue that so often accompanies this holiday decorating around the house and office.
This product would also work well to tack up computer wires or hold keys close to a strategic location. These are just a few of the uses I have come up with, and you may have your own unique take on a push pin with hook. Once you have a new tool, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without them.

By Sister Texon on October 9, 2014
Nice item with multiple uses.
Just got these yesterday and took them with me to work this morning. Used them to redo a few things in my office so nice! I always used regular tacks to hang things up and some of the items would actually slide off. I was pretty tired of rehanging them but didn’t want to make a larger hole in the wall with a regular eye hook. I had a chance to try these out and I have to say, such a small thing has made a difference. These are just like regular tacks in the fact that they are little stick pins with an eye hook on the end instead of a short plastic round ‘thing’ at the end. The pin part is a little longer, there is a clear plastic disk to give it a little more stability when you stick it into the wall, but it doesn’t really make a hole too much larger than the regular tacks. The hook keeps things from siding off. Works well for hanging light items, easy to use, no mess, no big hole to look at when it is removed. You are able to use it over and over. Nice idea!

By Wilhelmina Zeitgeist “cool artsy babe” on October 19, 2014
Crazy Useful Thingamabobs!
Crazy Tackz The Tack with a Round Clear Utility Hook have turned out to be the perfect item I needed to complete a project I’ve wanted to do.
I have a 2″ thick block of Styrofoam that was part of the packing in a package that arrived UPS. It’s the perfect size for making a velvet covered board for hanging earrings and necklaces from. I just needed the right kind of hooks to finish my project. I had been looking at all sorts of hooks and none of them seemed like the right type that would work.The Crazy Tackz are the perfect hooks for it!!!
I need more of these. Plus, I have more earrings, velvet, and Styrofoam. Some women love shoes, I’m crazy for earrings.
These hooks would be great for so many crazy things! I’m only getting started!

By Jarucia Jaycox on October 10, 2014
Need a necklace holder? Get these!
Cheap and plastic, but plenty to like about these. First, when I ordered them I said to my significant other ” Cool, finally can hang my necklaces up.” To which he replied, “What?! I’ll get you a necklace holder!”
While I expect to get a necklace holder, in the meanwhile I have a place above my dresser to keep my necklaces organized.
Great for hanging calendars, keys (yep), work id badges, noodle necklaces and ear buds (no more artisanal knot art from my bags and storage bins).
Over all, these are, for me, a high value for the low cost and I tend to really like products I feel that way about.

By W. Chang on October 10, 2014
Simple idea, great execution!
Simple idea, great execution. This is a very simple design you could do yourself with a few cheaper nails but this provides an easy solution that looks better. I’m currently using these to hang up my keys, a bag with different dog items (toys, leash, etc.) in it for a visiting dog, as well as hanging some lighter tools (level). I haven’t had any problems hanging these items and the dog bag probably weighs around 7-8 lbs. 12 of these for $4 is relatively cheap and I will be getting more for holiday decorations!

By Crumby on October 11, 2014
Just what I needed! I am using them on a cork board. I have some coupons in a clip that hooks on nicely. We also hooked a ring that holds my kindergartner’s sight words for school. This is a hefty weight and the hook holds it well. It is also easier for my daughter to get her words.
The hook itself is shiny silver metal not clear. The round tack part that is in the middle of the hook is clear.

By Daring Di “Loves The Written Word” on October 18, 2014
Longer Necklaces hang on wall in nice display
My longer necklaces don’t fit well in the jewelry case, so I’m using these crazy tacks to hang them on the wall in my dressing room. They are sturdy and hold more than one item, if necessary. There are probably dozens of uses for this item but I haven’t checked them all out. Too busy hanging up and organizing my jewelry.

By K. Ireland on October 19, 2014
Super useful tiny product!
Believe it or not, I originally ordered these to hang up decorative fishing poles vertically. Not only did they do the trick but I have found many other uses for them. Will order more!

By Zhabazon TOP 1000 REVIEWER on October 21, 2014
Could be called, “smart tackz”
I’m quite surprised as how impressed I am with these Crazy Tackz “The Tack with a Round Clear Utility Hook” and I predict that their marketing plan is more successful than they dreamed. Crafters, sensible and organized people, those with little space, old, young, any person can find a use for these little hooks in their home or creation. You don’t need any tools because they are not hammered or screwed. You simply push these into your drywall, styrofoam or very soft wood and you can hang lightweight items or drape over them, hiding the hook. Because the base is a clear plastic disk, they can even be painted using nail polish if you want them decorated. These tackz are fun, but I would not use them for items of any real weight.

By Steve J. on November 14, 2014
Firm hold!
These hooks came just in time! My daughter likes to have a strand of lights hanging in her room for the holiday season and I was wondering what to use to hook them up. Then these shown up and did a great job! They were strong and firm and stayed in place. It also is a great price and I am going to need more.

By Christie on October 11, 2014
Just what I needed!
These are great! I’m using them in my daughter’s room to hang her ribbons from dance competitions. They screw into the wall with ease. No wobbling or loosening up like I’ve noticed with similar products. They’re also very discreet. A great option when a thumbtack won’t be enough.

By Dawn Ritts on December 23, 2014
I freaking LOVE these TACKz
OMG! OMG! I freaking LOVE these TACKz! Do yourself a favor and buy 10 packs to hang up your Christmas lights…I have no idea how I ever made it through the season without them! Simple, Easy, Awesome!

By Tamara Toth on June 8, 2015
We used these for everything! I purchased them to …
We used these for everything! I purchased them to help me hang christmas decorations and garland around our home, but these actually work for a lot of things. We also keep a few on our family bulletin board.

Worked Great!
ByA. Dennison June 2, 2015
Verified Purchase
These worked great for what I purchased them for, hanging heavy items in a shadow box. I would definitely recommend these for adding versatility to a bulletin board.

By Ms. Read on November 25, 2014
Crazy Tackz are now a must have in my house. You can do so much with these, very versatile and actually quite durable. I mainly use them to hang jewelry. love it

By Rhonda M. on June 24, 2015
Five Stars
Neat little gadget.

By Barbara Henry on October 4, 2014
Like! Useful! One of those things you don’t think about but oh so useful.

By Adore on August 8, 2015
I love these! I want millions of them! They are good for so many needs! I hang my jewelry from them, hats, scarves, etc. They make it so easy to utilize unused wall space. And, i used then to hang glow-in-the-dark planets from my ceiling… no issues. Just planets on my bathroom.

By CoffeeChick on July 28, 2015
Great invention – very useful
Great idea — push-pin hooks! Good for mounting small items (I use them for a sunglasses collection).

By Bill on July 4, 2015
These crazy tacks are so awesome. These were exactly what I was looking for. I wanted to find a way to display my Funko Pop Figures o the wall and these crazy tacks along with some self adhesive picture hangers work like a charm. These are the right size for my needs and hold what I need them to without any issue at all. Of course after getting them I discovered they work great for hanging a myriad of things. They give me the convenience of having a thumb tack wit the added bonus of a hook on the end. These are AWESOME!!!!

By Jennifer Ruano on June 29, 2015
Love these! So convenient!! Love these!!

By Cook Fu on June 2, 2015
Perfect for displaying enamel color samples!
I am an enamelist and I have been looking for something to use to hang up my enamel color samples in my studio, and these are the perfect thing for that purpose. Just stick them in a cork board and hang your samples from them. Regular cup hooks are too thick unless you have drilled a very large hole in your sample prior to firing, and something that has to individually screw into a sheet of plywood will take much longer to set up than these, especially if you have over 100 samples to display. This makes the job of setting up a color display so much easier.

“There should be a warning label on the CraZy TACKz box: ‘It’s easy to get HOOKED, and there’s no known cure’”
Gina Valenzuela – Austin, TX
“I wish I had thought of that.”
Jeff Trane – 3M Scientist
NOTE: Head scientist for 3M Home Improvement Markets, at the home office in St. Paul, MN after seeing CraZy TACKz for the first time.