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CraZy FAQ’z

Is CraZy TACKz really a brand new product? I think I’ve seen it before? Most people do think that originally, as it seems familiar, but it really is brand new and the US verifies that.

What can you hang with a CraZy TACK? CraZy TACKz has hundreds of uses. Visit our Uses for CTZ page for our ever-expanding list, and please e-mail us at with your creative suggestions.

How much weight can a CraZy TACK hold? It is listed at 2 lbs for sheetrock, but more in wood.

Where can I purchase a box of CraZy TACKz? Visit our website to find a store near you or you may buy online, if we have not yet expanded to your area.

How many TACKz come in a box? 12 – in all of our 5 packz (boxes).

I’m an Arts & Crafts enthusiast. Do you have any different designs, shapes or colors? Yes, we have Hearts, Rounds, Stars in many colors for your creative concepts and our Clear TACK is perfect for decorating.

Into what surfaces can CraZy TACKz be inserted? Sheetrock, corkboard, and any soft wood or material.

What is the suggested retail price? $2.99 each – for any of our 5 brightly colored packz.

How did you come up with the idea for CraZy TACKz? The inventor, Gordie Murphy, had trouble hanging his plant vines and envisioned a better way. He researched and discovered that his concept did not exist. He wanted a TACK with a HOOK, so he designed, created and patented the first CraZy TACK.

I travel abroad. Can I buy CraZy TACKz in other countries? Regretfully, not at this time, because we need to take care of the high demand in the U.S. We do have TACKz in Melbourne, Tokyo and Moscow that interested distributors purchased at the CHA show in Anaheim, CA and will open up Canada fairly soon.

I envision buying lots of CraZy TACKz. Do you give a volume discount? Not currently, but after being asked by many consumers, we will offer a larger, discounted package array with numerous Tackz soon.

CraZy TACKz leaves a very small hole in my sheetrock. How should I fill it? People use white toothpaste or spackle or just paint it over, if even needed with such a small hole.